3 Mar 2018

Welcome to the SwissPerio Education project


After a long phase of preparation and elaborate detail work with the inclusion of many friends, collaborators and partners, I am happy to present you SwissPerio Education. There have been manifold reasons when I started with the SwissPerio project years ago. As practicing as a periodontist for a long time and being involved in periodontal research and education, I realized that there was an increasing gap opening between the academic research culture and the patients in need of a therapy. Undoubtedly, the introduction and successful establishment of implantology in the private practices in the 80ies changed the treatment paradigms and generated a huge benefit for many patients around the world. In the same time, based on a mix of uncritical implementation of research findings, faulty reimbursement systems and incorrect health messages derived from advertisements, dental professionals stuck with their traditional restorative oriented business models instead of shifting to a more prevention oriented approach.

Sustainability in dental care and especially in implantology requires a very high quality of preventative treatment. It is one of the main goals of SwissPerio to offer basic and advanced education in periodontics for interested clinicians and support them to implement preventative programs in their daily clinical practice. I look forward to sharing the SwissPerio philosophy with all of you.