TypeOnsite Course
DateNov 29, 2019 - Nov 29, 2019
PlaceZurich, (Hotel Zürichberg)
PriceEUR 1200.-
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A versatile new method for provisionalization in the upper arch

The palatal implant has been proven as a reliable and long-term stable absolute anchorage for various purposes in orthodontic treatment. Its ease of insertion, low complication rate and minimal invasiveness makes it predestined for the retention of fixed provisionals for replacement of one or multiple missing teeth. As implant supported provisionals are non-removable and esthetically pleasant, they are highly accepted by patients. Additionally, they can easily be unscrewed and adapted by the clinician so that they do not interfere with the soft tissue healing after surgical interventions.

Based on more than 10 years of own experience with the application of palatal implants as an anchorage for provisionals, in the present course, we show you how to select the ideal insertion area, how to fix the implant and how to fabricate the provisionals. Besides the biological backgrounds, we will show you all the tips and tricks how to adjust the provisionals during the treatment and how to remove them easily at the end.

*Anatomical and biological background of the palatal site (bone and mucosa) for implant installation
*Presurgical diagnosis for ideal site selection
*Presentation of palatal implant systems
*Surgical procedure
*Postsurgical maintenance
*Impression and prosthetic treatment
*Implant retrieval
*Literature data & hands-on exercises