TypeOnsite Course
DateNov 3, 2018 - Nov 9, 2018
PlaceZurich, (Hotel Zürichberg)
PriceEUR 6600 (5500 Students).-
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As a representative of SwissPerio I am proud to present you the 1st SwissPerio Education Week which is designed for clinicians who want to acquire in-depth knowledge in periodontal and periimplant diagnosis, treatment planning and surgical as well as nonsurgical approaches. Despite all the recent advancements in dentistry, there is no doubt that the prevalence of gingivitis and periodontitis still remains high, even in industrialized countries. These findings require refocusing on accurate treatment strategies and proper prevention measures in order to restore and/ or maintain periodontal and periimplant health in our patients. But success in both, treatment and prevention, strongly depends on the level of quality.

In the SwissPerio Education Week we will teach you all the essential steps for an effective and responsible treatment cycle by means of lectures and hands-on exercises. Moreover, special attention will be given to the acquisition of decision-making skills and the technical aspects of modern, minimally-invasive interventions in resective and regenerative surgery. Based on the SwissPerio philosophy in teaching and learning we offer you a varied, exciting and eventful week of periodontal, implant and surgical education. I look forward to welcoming you in Switzerland in the upcoming November.



General Fee: 6.600€

Students Fee: 5.500€

Groups Fee (3-4): 4.500€/participant


SPEAKERS: Jan Lindhe, Niklaus Lang, Sandro Cortellini, Rino Burkhardt, Patrick Gugerli, Jeanie Suvan, Anton Sculean, Gianni Salvi, Giulio Rasperini, Christoph Ramseier