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SwissPerio, founded by a group of periodontists, is a training institution and think tank offering tailored education in the domain of periodontics and related fields. All courses and events such as lectures, workshops, discussion groups, clinical clerkships and online activities aim for the prevention and therapy of periodontal and periimplant diseases.

For that reason, SwissPerio does not only convey factual knowledge and clinical guidelines but critically evaluates research results and translates them into the language of the clinician. As the patient is not a mean nor a median value, a therapy plan cannot be solely based on research findings. Ideally, a treatment should only be applied when both internally and externally valid evidence indicates that it will be useful and beneficial for the particular patient.

Thus, responsible clinical action requires more than just domain knowledge. It requires diagnostic accuracy paired with good medical decision-making which is a learned process. Training in critical thinking and decision-making are part of all our courses. These are the tools to link scientific evidence to the clinician’s expertise, the patient’s individual circumstances and the clinical context and settings.

In clinical practice, success is ultimately dependent on the precise and delicate execution of a given intervention that requires skillful hands. Training of manual dexterity and visual-spatial ability are further key aspects in our hands-on courses. Based on representative tasks, clinical procedures are practised stepwise in bench models of different difficulty levels, a learning concept that allows the participants to acquire clinical routine and finally execute the full-blown and technically-demanding interventions safely.

Advisory Board

Rino Burkhardt

DDS, MAS in Periodontology
Zurich - Switzerland
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Idoia Felis

BPhil, MPhil
Barcelona - Spain
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Patrick Gugerli

Neuchâtel - Switzerland
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Our Mission

SwissPerio activities focus on the prevention and therapy of periodontal and periimplant diseases. All the courses are based on innovative principles of teaching and learning and provide a high quality in education. Besides the conveyance of domain knowledge, SwissPerio events promote critical thinking and aim for improvement of decision-making and technical skills at all levels

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