SwissPerio is an institution and think tank for basic and advanced education in periodontics and related domains

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Our mission

SwissPerio activities focus on the prevention and therapy of periodontal and periimplant diseases. The courses and events are based on innovative principles of learning and teaching and provide a high standard of quality in education. SwissPerio promotes the direct dialogue and interdisciplinary exchange between health professionals. The excellent reputation allows SwissPerio to collaborate with selected partners.

Refocusing on patient care

At no other time has the gap between biomedical research and the patients in need of its discoveries been so excessive. SwissPerio promotes the bidirectional information flow between scientists and clinicians and translates basic research results into the language of the practitioner – knowledge translation for responsible clinical action.

Critical thinking

SwissPerio encourages people to think critically and reflect about the academic research culture. Well-founded disciplinary knowledge and ethical backgrounds are still key priorities for good clinical practice. SwissPerio promotes cognitive forcing strategies to strengthen reflection and decision-making skills at all levels. SwissPerio for competence in periodontics. 

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The Natural History of Periodontal Disease in Man

«Those were exciting times and I think what I did was to take the mystery out of periodontal disease»

Harald Löe (1926-2008)

The Sri Lanka Story

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